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Facebook’s F8 developer conference is around the corner and this year promises to be specially exciting with Chatbots, Live videos and Virtual reality on the plate. The two day conference will begin with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address and will continue to cover a whole bunch of exciting topics as the day progresses.

Among the things that have been almost confirmed are tools allowing developers to build automated response agents for Messenger. Also slated to be present are live chat APIs that will let developers integrate the capabilities of Facebook Messanger to their own apps.

Facebook is also going through with its plan of allowing news and marketing through its messenger. While the former will let publishers push news to their readers, the latter will allow advertisments on the messanger — So yes, messenger may just be about to monetize itself and with 900 million users, it would actually be strange if it didnt.

Facebook’s focus on messenger doesnt stop here and the company will also be hosting a special session titled “Messenger: Connecting People And Businesses” hosted by Frerke-Malt Feller, part of the Messenger Monetization team.

Apart from messenger, Facebook may also introduce live video editing. This may include stuff like allowing switching between different video feeds or camera angles while maintaining a single Live broadcast.

Finally, we have rumors about a brand new way of delivering ads along with stuff on VR, although the company is keeping a tight lid on the details. Rest assured, the event is going to be super exciting and we will be bringing you every single piece of news, right to your screens.

As for the livestream folks, here is the link. It starts at 10:0 PM IST (9:30 AM PT)

Stay Tuned!

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Facebook F8 2016 | The Tech Portal Special Coverage

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