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Sequoia India Leads $7.5 Million Round In Singapore HQed Video Production And Delivery Platform 90 Seconds

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90 seconds, a startup that is aiming to ease up and quicken the process of video production and delivery, has raised a sum of $7.5 million, in a Series A round led by Sequoia India. The investment also serves to underline the growing importance of videos in the virtual world.

Based in Singapore, 90 seconds was founded back in 2010 BT Tim Norton who, inspired by the difficulties he faced when trying to shoot videos, decided to make a platform to ease up the process.

It was hard to get things done. The process varied widely and it was a big deal to go between countries.

The company is based completely on the clouds and provides a wide array of production tools to users, letting the producers focus upon production rather than logistics. The company has a growing and distributed team of highly skilled creators have already shot in 52 countries, letting you ask for and received the kind of video you want.

The company today hosts almost 5,000 professionals from over 72 countries.

Users can still do a lot while on the go, by accessing the company’s aloud platform on their smartphones or tablets. However, the company wants to grow this until commissioning a full-fledged video to reviewing and even uploading to YouTube and social media platforms, takes a few click on your tablets or smartphone

The company has been gaining traction, not only among the masses, but also in corporate circles. Some of 90 seconds clients include the likes of Microsoft, Visa and Samsung, despite there being other similar sites operating in the market.

This preference — and perhaps the investment too, in part — can be attributed to a couple of differentiators. First of all, the face that 90 seconds and quick, clean and keeps track of trending stuff via its platform makes it a favorite with companies, whose ads are often based on what’s trending.

Secondly, the company’s strategy is different at a fundamental level from its competition. The company simple connects photographers with producers and provides the former with all the tools they could need to create the video. Meanwhile, the tools provided and the company’s cloud platform mean that it can maintain a measure of control over the content being created.

Most of the other players in the field meanwhile, limit themselves to connecting freelancers with producers.

90 seconds is planning to expand and open up shopin San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Berlin this year. Also on the companys agenda ID making its services as fast as possible.

It might not need to arrive in two minutes, but videos need to be published within anywhere between 24 hours to two to three weeks. We want to make the workflow real time.


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