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Corning Debuts Its Masterpix Picture Printing Service In India

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Corning, the maker of the famed gorilla glass that has saved — oh so many screens from accidental drops –is finally launching its Masterpix service in India. The service allows users to print pictures on a transparent sheet of gorilla glass using a long lasting UV cured ink, resulting in exquisite slides of archival quality.

Corning’s gorilla glasses have typically been used for the protection of electronic screens. The glass has time and again proved to be very near the last word in durable and as per an estimate, has been used to protect over 4.5 Billion devices across the world.

The company launched Masterpix back in 2014, debuting from the US. The service proved to be a hit with the public thanks to the fact that prints created using Masterpix were thin, durable and colourful. Another advantage of using the combination of extremely strong glass and UV ink is that the prints are are also scratch and stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

As per Pradeepak Malvai, commercial director, New Emerging Business, Corning India.

Gorilla Glass was initially used as a cover glass to help protect electronic devices. Now we use it to preserve your most cherished photographs. MASTERPIX is another example of Corning pursuing a new market for an existing product.

The prints can be used to archive memories in a unique and beautiful way. They can also be used for decorations purposes or can be wrapped up and given as gifts for weddings, graduations, or on any of the hundreds of festivals celebrated across the country.

The service has finally been opened for customers in India. And in a country where gifting is a tradition and celebrations a weekly occurrence, we expect the service to catch up pretty quickly, particularly considering the new generation’s taste for out of the box gifts.

Speaking on the topic, Amit Bansal, president, Corning India, said

We are excited to launch MASTERPIX in India. Consumers in the region can now have stunning photographs that will last more than a lifetime printed on optically clear, stain — resistant Gorilla Glass.

The prints are available in six different sizes ranging from 4 inches by 6 inches to 55 inches by 48 inches. You also have two different glass options, including glossy and matt.

To know more about the topic and to order your own please visit the company official website.


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