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WordPress Adds HTTPS Security To All Of Its Domains

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WordPress just got a whole lot more secure, thanks to the addition of HTTPS support for all of its blogs. The support extends to all domains — including — and not just the premium ones.

The addition plugs a critical hole in the websites and ensures peace of mind for the users who will now be able to see a green lock in the background upon visiting the website.

Encryption of data and the resultant SSL certificate, is something that has become almost mandatory for almost all major websites. WordPress had it, however the subdomains associated with it didn’t. There are many cheap WordPress hosting companies from where you can get a free SSL certificate as well as a quality hosting without spending huge budget.

Untill now. The company, taking advantage of the Lets Encrypt project has established the security protocol across all of its websites. So, one, if you have a WordPress site, you don’t need to do anything from your end. Two, Google likes HTTPS over HTTP, so your website should start ranking higher on the search rankings.

Thu company said that it had rolled out the first batch of certificates back in January and since then, has been working ceaselessly to include custom domains into its HTTPS’s fold as well.

In these troubled times, when hacking and malicious attacks are touching new heights, WordPress’s move is very welcome.

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