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Uber Driver Shot Dead By Teenagers In Delhi

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In an extremely unfortunate and shocking incident that occurred in the Najafgarh area on the outskirts of Delhi, two teenage passengers apparently shot and killed an Uber driver they had hailed for a ride.

The incident took place on Wednesday, but came to light only today. The driver in question has been identified as Kuldeep. The two teenagers who booked the cab, and are suspected of shooting the driver, have been apprehended and detained by the police.

Apparently, the issue started with an argument that turned into a scuffle. Things got out of hand and the teenagers are suspected of shooting down the driver as a result.

More details on the accident are yet to come to light. However, the incident once again brings the security concerns of such services to the fore. And this is not the first time either.

Back in 2014, a female passenger was raped by a driver who was later found to have been a convicted rapist. Since then, Uber has set down stringent check for its drivers. However, as this case illustrates, how do you ensure that the damage won’t take place the other way around.

Speaking on the topic, Gagan Bhatia, General Manager, Uber-North, said

Our thoughts are with the family of our driver-partner, the victim of this mindless violence. We have pro-actively shared details with the police to assist them with their investigation.

The case wasn’t one of self defense or an accidental shot either. As per reports, the driver got into an argument with the teenagers as soon as the ride began. However, things took a nasty turn when on finding an isolated road, the passengers deliberately shot the driver in the head and the chest before running away.

The teenagers were later found by using Uber’s booking system data and are being questioned by the police.

However, one thing is for certain, security measures need to go both way around and shouldn’t just implicate the drivers, particularly when your passengers can turn out to be gun wielding whacks. A system that takes the safety of the drivers as well as the passenger into account is urgently needed.


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