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Facebook Messenger Gets Codes, Links And Usernames To Become A Full Blown Modern Communication Suite

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What started as a simple, and a rather critically-reviewed private messaging app under Facebook in 2014, is now 900 Million monthly users strong. And its getting stronger today, along with becoming a more apt tool for not just personal, but business communication as well. Facebook has today announced a slew of brand new features:  Messenger Codes, Messenger Usernames, and Messenger Links.

The new features are in keeping with Facebook’s recently discovered philosophy of projecting messenger as a full-fledged suite of communication tools in its own right — and one that has the potential to render everything else as obsolete. Lets take a look at how the exciting new features that have been launched today, actually work.

So, Messenger codes. If you are you were to go to the settings tab in Messenger, you will find a brand new space that has your very own Messenger Code displayed prominently to scan or share. So, if someone else was to scan the code, or if you share it with someone else, that user can instantly jump into conversation with you over Facebook messenger. The feature is a particularly handy and efficient way of adding someone you have just met to your contacts — Pull out your phone, scan the code and you are done.

We would also like to pull you attention to the fact that the code can be placed literally anywhere. As per a Facebook post on the topic, 

We also took special care to make Messenger Codes as beautifully designed as possible so you can use them everywhere – on business cards, online, or in-store and anywhere else you like.

What’s more, the feature also provides a way for businesses to connect with their customers in a jiffy. They can simply place the code in an advertisement and users can scan the code to get in touch with them. Sweet right?

Next up, the messenger links and usernames are also ways of enhancing the ease of communication over the platform. Messenger links are personalized links that you can be shared with anywhere online so that other people can start a conversation with you on messenger, with a single click. The feature not only provides a way to communicate quickly, but also ensures that there is no fumbling around, looking for the right person.

Speaking on the newly added feature of usernames,which, similar to twitter, now show up prominently under the main title, Facebook said,

We are all unique human beings but sometimes we share the same name! This can make it hard to know you are contacting the right person when searching for them in Messenger. Now, it’s simple to find someone by their very own unique username. You can find and share your username from your Settings tab.

Well, the features are short, simple and efficient and in hindsight its hard to see why no one else thought of them before. I mean by allowing people to jump into communication with a scan or a link, you are basically doing away with exchanging visiting cards or numbers. Between chatbots and messenger cards, Facebook seems to be preparing itself as The Communication Channel of the future — and even more so for businesses.

The company also announced the fact that its Messenger gained another 100 million new Monthly Active Users since January — leaving it just 100 million short of the 1 billion milestone. The platform can be expected to cross that mark in a matter of months but, should the newly recent features catch the imagination of the masses, we may just see the milestone — and many others — reached much earlier.

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