Pitch Off S3

MOTO Presents PITCH OFF Season 3 Live Blog

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Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:26 pm

We have come to the end of Season 3 of Moto PITCH OFF. Thank you everyone for making this event such a huge success. Stay tuned to The Tech Portal for latest tech and startup news

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:23 pm

289 reviews with 4.6 average rating for Knodues app in the Play store.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:22 pm

Knodues allows the users to share expenses among the friends without any hassles

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:21 pm

A surprise entry of another startup called Knodues who are now pitching their idea.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:20 pm

100 registered users and 27 startups registered so far on Zefinite platform

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:19 pm

Revenue model of Zefinite is from both startup and student perspective.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:18 pm

Zefinite works towards ensuring that startup hires people who are both culturally fit to their startup culture and professionaly match to their requirements

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:16 pm

It has developed a tech driven machine learning based startup employability test which matches the startup talent needs with the ideal candidate

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:15 pm

Zefinite aims to solve the problem of startup hiring in the country.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:15 pm

Zefinite is the final startup of the evening and is ready for its pitch

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20169:14 pm

Wunderkind Infotech is developing a curriculum based Do It Yourself project kits for science, social studies, mathematics and computer for class 5th to class 12th

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:11 pm

CoinMyWish has 10+ borrowers and 50+ lenders on its platform so far.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:10 pm

And 2 minutes are over and now it is time for questions for CoinMyWish.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:09 pm

CoinMyWish is already making profits from its initial customer base which includes college students, few travellers, etc

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:08 pm

CoinMyWish is an online rental platform which allows the users to rent clothing, accessories and footwear easily.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:06 pm

Second startup- CoinMyWish is on the stage with their pitch.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:04 pm

Fisrt startup Austin Machines is done with their pitch off and now answering to the queries and questions from the investors.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:04 pm

They have made the hardware and software of their product open source and so anybody can develop their own machines by accessing resources from their website.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:03 pm

You can simply look at the inventory status of the machine before buying anything. One can also apply for easy refunds in case of faulty products or if they want to return the products.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:00 pm

Students can simply access the app to meet their demands from the vending machines

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20167:00 pm

Austin Machines make app enabled vending machines focusing at the stationery vending market of India.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:59 pm

First startup- Austin Machines is here and they have 120 seconds for their pitch off.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:58 pm

We are about to begin the disruptive hour where 15 startups are ready with their pitch off.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:57 pm

Arunabh leaves the stage after a hilarious interaction with a promise to come back
after the disruptive hour.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:29 pm

The TVF guys take the stage and the audience goes berserk !!!

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:20 pm

People in the hall are being left in splits with the hilarious act of Radio Mirchi team.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:10 pm

Radio Mirchi team comes on stage with their act to welcome The Viral Fever team.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:07 pm

Deepanshu Jain, Chief Editor and Co-founder take the stage with Pawas Jain, Co-founder take the stage to welcome the audience and give them the brief about the concept of pitch-off- 120-second to every startup to give an elevator pitch.

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20166:00 pm

TVF Team has entered the hall and greeted with a huge round of cheers from the audience..!

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20165:47 pm

The stage is set. Excitement is running high here at the MOTO Presents The Tech Portal PITCH OFF Season 3 event at the Maharana Pratap Auditorium in Pink City Jaipur!! The disruption is about to begin. Get ready..!

Vishal Srivastava April 3, 20165:18 pm

Hey Folks..! We hope that you must have taken your seats at the third season of the PITCH OFF in the pink city. For those of you who cannot make it personally here, do not worry. We will be live blogging from the event giving you latest updates from the India’s Most Disruptive Hour as it happens. So stay tuned !!!!

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Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.


Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.