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Tesla’s Model 3 To Be Available For Pre Order From India, Brazil, Singapore And Others

Auto geeks are happy, oh so happy today. And the reason is Tesla’s Model 3, which has finally been unveiled before the public. Well, guess what? The Model 3 is also the company’s maiden car to be launched in India.

Yes folks, a tweet by Tesla CEO Elton Musk has proved to be the herald of good news.

Adding several more countries to Model 3 order page tonight. Check for details, but will include India, Brazil, SA, SK, NZ, Sing & Ireland.

In case you are fumbling with the abbreviations, that is India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and others. Why others though? Well, Musk may want to keep the news a surprise or — as is more likely —  Twitter’s 140 character limit may be responsible.

The decision certainly makes sense. Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable car yet and as such, covering as much geographical area as possible, is probably a good strategy. And that’s not even mentioning the high mileage, which is likely to make it a favorite in some of the aforementioned markets.

Although the company may find dealing with charging related issues in some of these countries, quite difficult. Take India for instance, the country is still not too keen upon electric vehicles and there is hardly any special infrastructure to support the same. And you would hardly be willing to spend money to buy something you can’t use without hitches with fuelling.

However, there is a first time for everything, and being the debutant has its own advantages. Meanwhile, we can expect delivery to these markets to begin in late 2017 or even early 2018. The company has already informed everyone about its plan to stagger delivery and as such, it will be prioritizing the US followed by Europe.

It is not possible to ship to all regions simultaneously because regulators in each part of the world have slightly different production requirements. Staggering deliveries in this way also allows us to provide the best possible customer experience.

The car has already generated over 150k pre-bookings for Tesla and we expect the new announcement to further boost this number.

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