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This Is The Tesla Model 3: 0-60 In Under 6 Seconds, 215 Miles Initial Range And More

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And Tesla’s Model 3 is shaping up to be even better than what we were hoping for. The company has unveiled its electrically run super car in Hawthorne, CA for the very first time, and folks, with my hand over my heart do I say that it is AWESOME.

The event is happening as we speak, so more good news is likely to roll in soon. However, here is what we have managed to scoop so far.

Predictions on the speed and mileage seem to have been bang on target — or at least, very near it. The company’s base model will go from 0-60 in under 6 seconds, and will be able to cruise for at least 215 miles per charge.

Keep in mind that it’s the base model we are talking about, higher variants will feature both greater acceleration as well as more mileage per charge.

The car also has rear and front trunks for added luggage and style. What’s more, the roof of the car is one, smooth, “single” beautiful pane of glass. All the variants of the car will come with supercharging standard — a announcement which is particularly significant considering Tesla’s decision to double the number of public superchargers, from 3600 to 7200.

Finally, and we have been saving it for the last, all devices — yes, I can’t bear to call it just a car, its a device! — will feature autopilot hardware!! How cool is that?

The model 3 is open to pre booking with prices starting at $35,000. Although, you may have to wait for over a year before deliveries start. To book your model 3, go to your nearest Tesla store or visit the company’s official website.

So far 115,000 people have already paid $1,000 to get on the list to buy a Model 3, Musk said. This isn’t it though. Musk had warned earlier that today’s event is merely part one of two. We’ll learn more about the car as it nears production, Musk said

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