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Microsoft Launches Skype For Web And Skype For Business Tools For Developers

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And Microsoft has continued doubling down upon Skype and its capabilities. After announcing a bunch of Chatbots for Skype, the company has launched a couple of brand new SDKs that will let developers integrate Skype into their own applications.

Titled Skype for Web and the Skype for Business, the SDKs are meant to provide developers with APIs that will help them being Skype to their own apps.

The Skype for Web for example, comes with a bunch of JavaScript APIs which can allow a developer to add stuff like chat, audio and video to their apps. The APIs included in the package support apps using almost any browser, including safari, chrome etc. The service, in essence, will run in all browsers supporting WebRTC.

Skype for business on the other hand, is a tad more significantly present. The toolset available here, can allow you to integrate Skype with your own app. So, say you are a  medical entity with your own app, after integration with Skype for business, your customers would be able to send and receive video calls to doctors associated with your group.

So basically, the SDK is capable of providing your normal, run-of-the-mill applications, with the power of Skype. The conversations are totally secure as well and you can have a chat with your lawyer or your banker, without worrying about anything.

And that’s just one potential use case scenario. The company has taken to calling its new toy as remote advisor experiences, and the places where this service could be used are virtually limitless.

Although we are not sure how the pricing will work and whether it will be a subscription or a usage based model. The company hasn’t really spoken on the topic yet and probably won’t, for some time to come. Only the business tools have been made available in preview yet, and it may be some time before Microsoft makes its APIs public.

Interestingly, Microsoft really seems to be walking the path to market all its products as separate, standalone packages. The company is already working towards providing personalized bots to users and businesses. And now, it has begun marketing Skype’s capabilities as well.

The strategy may just prove to be very effective. Particularly since, considering Microsoft’s focus upon cross platform, its service are likely to be available across all operating systems. And that, may just make the company indispensable in the near, tech-riddled future.


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