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Apple Launches Critical Update To Fix iOS 9.3’s App Crashing Issue Upon Clicking Links

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You have to hand it to Apple for responding quickly. A bug that was causing applications to become unresponsive, whenever links on safari web browser and several other apps were clicked, has been fixed via an iOS update 9.3.1. The update has been made available for the iPhone and iPad.

The bug, which was discovered recently, came to light when iOS users raised a hue and cry, after discovering that Safari and several other apps were likely to crash if they tapped on a link.

The problem was reported on Apple forums as well, and the company has launched an update aimed at fixing the issue. The update is described as being able to,

Fixes an issue that caused apps to be unresponsive after tapping on links in Safari and other apps.

Apparently, the issue was caused by some third party developers discovering and abusing an iOS feature called universal links, which was basically a way to link URLs with native applications. The feature allowed developers to make changes, enabling them to open web links directly into an app, bypassing Safari.

However, after some developers started overusing the feature — linking MBs worth of links — the SWCD process responsible for checking the universal links was overflown, leading to app crashes.

However, the issue has been fixed now. If you have been facing similar problems as well, its time to update your device. Simply go to Settings> General > Software Update and update your device.

Strangely enough, the bug was found to be affecting older versions of iOS as well. However, the update should fix the issue for all versions. Meanwhile, its great to see Apple sticking to its habit of responding quickly to user feedback.


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