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Microsoft Announces Deeper Integration Of Xamarin With Visual Studio

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Microsoft’s Xamarin acquisition is hogging the limelight at the company’s annual Build developer conference event that is taking place in San Francisco this week. The company announced a deeper integration of the service with the Visual Studio Community edition, at the build 2016, that will see Xamarin included with every version of visual studio.

Microsoft acquired Xamarin last month and begun an integration of services almost immediately. The build 2016 event however, is marking a milestone in the process that may perhaps lead to a dissolution of identity between the two services.

Xamarin was founded in May 2011 and before it’s acquisition by Microsoft, created various plugins including Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS that allowed native Android, iOS and Windows development in C#, with either Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.

The company also shared a healthy working relationship with Microsoft prior to its acquisition by the company. A Xamarin plugin for Visual studio was also available, although the integration may make it redundant now.

Well, considering that the visual studio community edition is available for free, today’s announcement means that most of Xamarin services will be available, without any extra cost. Meanwhile, its more advanced enterprise services will be included with Visual Studio Enterprise and Professional subscription.

What’s more, Xamarin Studio for OS X has been made available as a standalone community edition, with MSDN subscribers eligible for access as well. The Xamarin Test Cloud on the other hand, will be available as a standalone product, with Visual Studio Enterprise customers liable to get a 25 percent discount.

Considering that Xamarin is actually all about taking things cross platform, the announcement will mark a significant increase in Microsoft’s own capabilities in the niche. It is also talking about making the Xamarin SDK available under the MIT open-source license. Once that happens, a whole bunch of runtime, libraries and command line tools will also be made available under the .Net foundation.


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