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Xbox To Get Support For Cortana, Background Music And App Development

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And Microsoft’s annual developer conference is shaping up to be pretty awesome. The company has made an announcement according to which, developers will soon be able to churn out apps for Xbox. The console will also offer support for Microsoft’s Cortana Personal assistant.

The announcements are quite significant and will fix certain preexisting issues with the service. For one, developing applications until now, required access to the Xbox One dev kit. The system was criticized by many as being redundant considering that with Windows 10, Microsoft was attempting to bring all its devices on a single platform.

Well, the company has taken care of the issue now and developers can turn any retail Xbox One into a functional development kit. A preview update for the same has been launched as well.

Meanwhile, converting your plain old Xbox console into a development kit requires a couple of steps. First off, install the Xbox dev mode on the Xbox One and register your console as a development kit. Once that is done, you can fire up the dev mode option to turn your Xbox into a development kit.

The move does mark a significant change in Microsoft’s policy. The company seems to be looking to deploy the capabilities of its Xbox console in a bid to ensure that it doesn’t remain limited to a gaming platform — although, that ofcourse, will remain its primary area of focus.

The company is also focusing upon indie developers, who have been feeling a bit left alone on the Xbox platform. The company is also adding support for MonoGame platform to ensure that indie developers, who prefer it over many others, are able to develop stuff for Xbox, more easily.

Similarly, DirectX 12 is also about to get support for a bunch of GPU scenarios. Finally, Xbox will now also supports Cortana, thus expanding the range of Voice commands available by a long shot.

Oh, and did we mention the ability to play background music of your choice while playing a game on the console?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the event.


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