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Snapchat Introduces Major Update, Turns Itself Into A Full Communication Suite

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Snapchat has launched a mega update that promises to bring about major changes to the way we communicate using instant messaging. The company launched Chat version 2.0 today and with it, a whole plethora of brand new features that will let users express themselves in innovative ways.

Snapchat has been relatively quite on updates as compared to say, Facebook — which has something new popping out of its bag almost every other day. However, chat 2.0 promises to make up for all that and will mark the company’s steps along the path to becoming the next best thing to talking in person. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

First off, private chat now offers users access to a whole bunch of brand new emoticons. Similar to Viber and a few other IM services, Snapchat now pulls up emoticons related to what you are actually typing at the moment to let yourself express yourself creatively.

Next up is my personal favorite, audio and video notes. While the former lets you send short voice snippets when you can’t — or won’t — type, the latter allows you to record and send a small GIF-like loop — particularly handy for when you want to react to something outrageous your friend has said.

The company also seems to have made a new motto of some thing it’s CEO Evan Spiegel said — Say what you want, how you want. — and Chat 2.0 now allows you to flow seamlessly between Video and Audio Calls, Video and Audio notes, stickers and even text — Without ever missing a beat!

This feature is actually something which is capable of putting Snapchat on a level apart from all other IM applications, all on its own. You could be talking with someone over audio chat and may suddenly see something worth sharing. What do you do? Easy, snap and send a picture without needing to stop.

Conversely, video and audio calls no longer require you to be already chatting with the person on the other end of the conversation. The addition is quite useful and promises to increase the effectiveness of the app as an all round communication app — while improving its current status as a predominantly texting service.

Also, the app automatically puts up intelligent responses in case your partner is unavailable to take a call. You get an “unavailable” if the person at the other end cuts the call and a “can’t talk right now” if they purposefully silence the call.

Finally, users can now send multiple photos in chats. What’s more, you can use Chat 2.0’s text, drawing, and filter tools to edit and mark them before pressing send. In another first, the chat now allows you to send camera roll photos to show someone something — and this is seriously awesome — and the image is translucently overlaid on top of the chat window. So you can literally discuss things without having to keep moving between the image and the chat window.

Snapchat Stories have gained the capability to auto-advance. Once a story ends, the next Story in the list starts playing automatically, without the user needing to trouble his/her fingers at all.

Well, the features are definitely hands down, superb. The company, in a single, masterful stroke, has Incorporated some of the best features present out there into a single place — And it hasn’t stopped there either. With a long, long list of brand new features to its credit, Snapchat is poised to turn into a full-fledged communication suite that offers you the facility to communicate how, when and where you want.

Snapchat has begun a public roll out of the update to both iOS and Android, starting today.


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