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Predictive HealthTech Startup Touchkin Nabs $400K In Seed For Its App-Based Personalised Healthcare Platform

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Touchkin, which uses mobile-based social sensing to enable proactive personalised care, has raised $400K in a seed funding from a group of angel investors. The investors include renowned names such as Raghunandan G (co-founder of TaxiForSure), Amit Gupta (co-founder of InMobi), Himanshu Aggarwal (CEO of Aspiring Minds), Anuj Srivastava (CEO of Livspace), and Puneet Agarwal (co-founder of Moneyview).

Touchkin offers a personalised healthcare system through an app which can be installed on any smartphone. The system is particularly targeted towards people who want to keep a check on the health of their family members from anywhere and anytime.

The app known as StayClose can sense data from the surroundings of an individual and offers a real-time visibility of the well being of a person.

It can check if their mobility, activity, communication and sleep patterns are normal and an icon turns red if they are much below usual. The app also sends the alert if these trends look worrying.

Our platform uses passive data from smartphone sensors to create a picture of a person’s wellbeing and identify potential health issues. This is very powerful, because unlike most mobile health apps it doesn’t require any change in user behaviour.

says Jo Aggarwal, Foudner of Touchkin.

Touchkin works on the machine learning technology through its proprietary prediction engine which can learn patterns in behaviour that may mean mental or physical ill-health.

The platform also connects the user with direct support through care providers who can offer proactive personalised care to at-risk patients with chronic, age-related or mental illnesses to enable early identification of symptoms.

Talking about his investment in Touchkin, CEO of Livspace, Anuj Srivastava said,

Touchkin is applying machine learning to healthcare in a unique and potentially disruptive manner. It is exciting to see companies like this building innovative products for the global market, starting in India.

StayClose app — developed by Touchkin —  also allows the users to book a Uber ride for anyone in their contacts with just two taps. There is no need for any juggling between calls, apps, and texts to send someone a cab, finding out where they are and connecting them to the driver.

Even if parents of someone are not tech friendly or if they don’t even have any app or even a smartphone, the StayClose app can send an Uber to their location whenever they are ready through a link send to their normal phones.

The app can even learn how often you usually contact a loved one and reminds you to call if it’s been too long. When you are out of town, it can notify the family whenever you land safely in a new city. One can also send a family member a virtual touch or share a video moment to create an album of memories.

So far, Touchkin claims to have 3000 pilot users with about 300K interactions recorded on its platform. It also claims to have tracked over 2 million behaviour hours and over 1 million sensing events.

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