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Microsoft’s Cortana AI Receives A Boost In A Bid To Increase Engagement

Cortana, Microsoft
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Microsoft’s Cortana is receiving a boost. Realizing the fact that it’s personal assistant was lagging behind some of the others AIs available in the market, there company has decided to boost its capabilities in hopes of increasing user engagement.

Cortana is pretty great. However, considering that Microsoft’s Windows platform is not as popular as say Apple’s iOS or Android, its been unable to reach a bulk of audience. The company is looking to counter that by increasing its effectiveness and by featuring it as an AI for every platform, and not just for Windows.

The AI figured pretty prominently on the very first day of the conference and indeed, none other than CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage to talk about some of the changes that have been made.

For one, you can now say Hey Cortana, even when you aren’t logged in. While we are not sure about what you will be able to do without logging in first, the fact that Microsoft saw fit to add it, has us hopeful. However, you won’t be getting a Cortana personalized for you, unless you login first.

The company is hoping to project Cortana as a sort of go between or rather, a real assistant you can depend upon for almost everything. Indeed, the CEO talked about “Man with the Machine”, strengthening the notion of Cortana playing a more important role in the future.

Reading between the lines of what was said at the conference, we also expect some further improvements in Cortana’s personality, which is actually one area where it has an edge over competition.

Next up, Cortana is going to take a step further and will be turning into an assistant that can get things done without needing any prompting from your side. Again, this is something related to your particular routines and usage pattern and we expect its behaviour to vary from person to person.

The feature is integratable and can be deployed by developers on behalf of their apps as well.


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