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Airbnb Now Enables You To Add Associated Hosts To Help Manage Listings

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Airbnb has introduced a brand new feature to its services that will let hosts add other people, to help manage their listings. The service is being rolled out to a select percentage of global hosts, as we speak.

For those who are unaware of the company, Airbnb is one of the largest portals for renting places to live in, around the world. The company has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries at present.

An Airbnb blog post elaborated upon the topic,

We’re also introducing a new feature that we’re rolling out to a small percentage of global hosts: Additional Hosts. This feature allows hosts to add a spouse, trusted friend or family member to help manage their listings.

The added members are being called as Associated Hosts.

The pros of such a system are immediately obvious. If the work gets too much for a host to handle alone, or if he/she is called away by something, all they have to do is add associated hosts to take their place and manage things like messaging, check-in, and overseeing a guest’s stay.

The company hopes that the feature will let guests feel safer and better served through the length of their Airbnb experience. The feature is being rolled out to a select global group for now, however, the company has promised a “wider rollout” soon.

As we learn about how hosts use the feature we will iterate and share the feature more widely with our host community.

While no official word has been given on the timeline or even about the selection procedure, we expect Airbnb to put out more details on both the topics, soon.

The company made the announcement while talking about its Standards and Expectations — guidelines upon what is expected of the guests and the host. These revolve around the 5 principles of Safety, Security, Fairness, Authenticity and Reliability.

Each of these standards comes with expected behaviors from hosts and guests in the Airbnb community. Since every experience on Airbnb is unique, we understand that things come up and unexpected circumstances arise, and we take this into account when reviewing and enforcing these guidelines.

The standards and expectations have been formulated based upon user feedback and will help the company hammer out the best possible stay experience for the guests.

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