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HPE Launches Big Data And Analytics Tools For Developers And Startups

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Computer major Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced the availability of a bevy of brand new services for developers and enterprises. The package, which takes the form of a cloud platform with advanced machine learning APIs and services, has been made commercially available with immediate effect.

Speaking on the topic, Kamal Dutta, Managing Director – Software, Asia Growth Countries, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), said

The software industry is on the cusp of a new era of breakthroughs, driven by machine learning that will power data-driven applications across all facets of life.

He also elaborated upon the various benefits provided by the platform, including the fact that the platform and could be deployed to create significantly enhanced applications — particularly through its use of machine learning and analytics services.

HPE Haven On Demand democratizes big data by bringing the power of machine learning, traditionally reserved for high-end, highly trained data scientists, to the mainstream developer community. Now, anyone can leverage our easy to use cloud-based service to harness the rich variety of data available today to build applications that produce new insights, differentiate businesses, delight customers and deliver a competitive advantage.

The service operates on a freemium model and users can deploy its capabilities for free development and testing, with purchase required at the time of actual production or product delivery.

The company also lays particular emphasis upon the importance of big data and how it possess the potential to help developers and analysts turn the bland old data into assets. To help them along this path, the company is offering a number of analysis tools, including text analysis, facial and image Recognition, predict and recommend, speech and voice analysis etc.

The APIs will help developers build tools that are able to improve businesses by recognizing patterns in the overall scheme of things, by data analysis.

The tool set also include ones for the latest technologies, including the internet of things.

Take your app-enabled IoT hardware and toys to the next level by integrating Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other powerful data-driven capabilities to your apps.

HP’s Haven On Demand system is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud system, to ensure maximum reliability and performance. The collaboration is based upon the HP-Microsoft deal which was inked, last year in December. Speaking on the topic, Garth Fort, General Manager, Partner and Channel Marketing, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft, said

Organizations have massive quantities of information that can hold insights into business transformation, but harnessing it can be challenging. Leveraging the high performance and scalability of Azure, HPE Haven On Demand brings our mutual customers a compelling solution to help turn their data into value.

Some disruptive startups that are already deploying HPE’s APIs to change the way we look at data, include Ayani, speed dating app blink, assessment app Social Capital, government spending visualizer Transparent etc.

You can know more about the service by visiting the Haven On Demand website.

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