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Google Might Soon Fuse In Augmented Reality To Its Search

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And everyone wants to get a piece of the Augmented reality pie. After Microsoft’s recent announcement of Holoportation, we now have rumors about Google’s plans to deploy Augmented reality to its camera application.

According to a tip received by Android Authority through an anonymous source, the integration will apparently, go a long way towards improving the Google Googles image search.

In case you are unaware of Google Googles, it is a service which allows you to search and get information on virtually any topic — or object, to be more precise — simply by snapping its picture. The technology is still in nascency and it takes Google almost 6 seconds to return three relevant results, yet the app looks to be quite promising.

And this is what the induction of AR will improve further. Apparently, the technology will allow users to select and search for particular areas of the image. A very significant improvement, considering that you can only  search for the whole image at the moment.

So for example, you would be able to snap a wide picture of, say a tree, and get detailed information on a squirrel climbing a branch.

What’s more, Google may also be looking to integrate the technology into its wearable devices as well, including Google glasses and its VR headsets, assuming they are launched first.

Also, Google may also make use of its unique position as the progenitor of Android, to build the image search feature directly into the camera app — in a bid to improve the app usage, which is quite limited as of now. Although that is a ground the company would do well to tread softly, considering its recent troubles with the EU and other government agencies over the alleged misuse of its position.

The company is doubling down upon search in recent days. First you had the publically unreleased iOS keyboard, which is expected to sport inbuilt image and GIF search capabilities. And now, you have rumors which point towards a search feature inbuilt into your camera app. Looks like swiping up from the home button isn’t enough —  the company wants you able to search from every important screen and app.

Incidentally, the Google Googles feature does not, despite being theoretically capable of it, look for and display information on faces — which is still one of the more requested incoming searches — due to privacy concerns. It will be interesting to see if a camera integration, if and when it comes, changes the companys stand on that point.


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