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AMS 2100 By Ambrane Are The Perfect Multimedia Speakers For Maximising Your Music Experience

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Music, as Confucius says, produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. And when that music is experienced through modern multimedia speakers, that pleasure is bound to be increased multiple times.

AMS 2100 by Ambrane India are the perfect 5.1 channel multimedia speakers for this purpose. AMS 2100 take the home entertainment to a whole new level with its one main woofer and five pieces of sub speakers, supported by 5.1 channel configuration. The speakers come with a remote control along with USB and 10 meter bluetooth connectivity.

AMS 2100 Key Specifications at a Glance:

  • Woofer ­ 1
  • Front Stellite speaker­ 2
  • Rear Stellite speaker­ 2
  • Central Stellite speaker­ 1
  • Frequency Response­ 20Hz~20KHz
  • Sound Output­ 85 Watt
  • SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) >=75 db( decibels)
  • RMS ( Root Mean Square of output acoustic signal)­ 85 Watt
  • PMPO (Peak Music Power Output)­ 8500
  • Impedance Offered 8 Ω
  • Wireless Range for the Device to be connected­ 10m Girth Support
  • Connectivity­ Dock 1 Usb Port To Play Music From Your Pen Drive
  • Dock 2 AUX cable

The Ambrane AMS 2100 are compatible with any gadget having 3.5 mm lead or having bluetooth connectivity. These include all the major smartphones, mobile phones, PCs, MP3 players, TVs and DVD players.

On the top of it, even if there is no phone or other device available to connect for the music, AMS 2100 come with FM support so you can switch to any FM channel playing your favorite songs and get grooving.

The speakers come in black color with golden diaphragm giving them an immensely attractive look. In addition to the remote control support, they also sport rotatory knobs on the body, offering an on/off switch with bass controller to the users to let them enjoy the best music at their home or any party.

The most important aspect of any multimedia speakers is the quality of sound which, all the party hoppers will agree, can make or break any party. Ambrane AMS 2100 don’t disappoint in this area as well.

Thanks to its main woofer along with 5 subwoofers, AMS 2100 offer a superior sound quality with high bass at 85 watts power output that clears off the ambience from unwanted acoustics. In addition to it, 75db signal to noise ratio (SNR) and 8500 PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) ensure a completely satisfying musical experience.

AMS 2100 come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty and is priced at INR 5999.


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