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Facebook Introduces Daily Breakdown Of Video Metrics For Publishers

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Going ahead with its ongoing mission to make Facebook a powerful medium for videos (and a potential threat to YouTube, which it already has become), Facebook has now added the feature to check video metrics for a particular day which was apparently the most demanded feature by the publishers.

This new data gives Page owners a better understanding of when their audiences are watching their videos, providing a more detailed picture of performance that we hope will help publishers inform their video strategies,”

wrote Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager in the announcement blog post.

With this update, publishers can check the metrics on a daily basis to see how their videos are performing on a particular day.

Only last month, Facebook had revamped video metrics interface in Page Insights.

It had brought many new metrics such as Minutes Viewed (total minutes of watch time spent on the video); 10-Second Views (number of times the video was viewed to 10 seconds); and Sound-on vs. Sound-off (breakdown between views with sound and views without sound for both Views and 10-Second Views).

For now, the daily breakdown of the metrics will be only limited to three metrics- Minutes Viewed (total minutes of watch time spent on the video on a particular day); Views (number of times your video was viewed on a particular day); and 10-second views (number of times the video was viewed to 10 seconds on a particular day).

However, if your video happens to be shorter than 10 seconds, 10-second views will refer to the number of times people viewed at least 97 percent of the video.

The new feature is currently available through Page Insights and Video Library and will soon come to the Insights API. To check how your video has performed in a day, you can visit either interface and click on the desired video.

A pop-up card will show you the desired metrics based on which you can optimise or make changes to your video strategy.

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