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Google Reportedly Working On YouTube Connect: Its Answer To Periscope And Facebook Live Videos

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Google has been strangely quite of late in the live streaming app segment. Be it Facebook’s live video feed or Twitter’s periscope, or the now-almost-dead meerkat, Google has been uncharacteristically quite and unresponsive — after all, its YouTube service is directly affected by what’s happening in the video world.

And even though Youtube does possess a popularly used, robust live streaming feature, there is nothing dedicated from Google on this front, however only yet. It seems like under the surface, Google has been chipping away at a brand new, yet to come, live streaming app called YouTube Connect.

According to a report on Venturebeat, Google’s upcoming app is quite similar to periscope and the slew of other live streaming apps out there. The app, which is expected to be available for both iOS and Android, will allow users to sign in using their Google or YouTube account and immediately start streaming from their devices.

Interestingly enough, Google also seems to be planning to build a social network of sorts around its live video application. Along with a news feed that displays videos from your friends — or from people you have subscribed to — the app also grants users the ability to chat with and even tag people into your videos.

Google will also be leveraging the immense popularity enjoyed by YouTube’s desktop platform by ensuring that all the Videos are viewable live within the app, as well as on their respective YouTube channel. Meanwhile, users can also save videos in the app itself, so as to watch replays at some future time.

When contacted, this is what a Youtube spokesperson told us,

We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.

With its latest offering, Google seems to be looking to build upon the limited features and accessibility offered by the YouTube creator studio and to get into the more exiting genre of mass live streaming and uploading. The decision also makes sense considering that the outdated and complicated creator studio really didn’t had a place in a world which has stuff like the Periscope.

Believe it or not, despite the YouTube brand name, Google is going to have to bend its back to counter the early starters — the likes of Twitter (Periscope), Meerkat, Facebook (Live Feed) etc.

And live videos are definitely where the excitement lies. That’s probably one of the reasons why all social networking websites worth their salt are making a beeline for a presence in the niche. In fact, you can easily gain an idea of the importance of live videos in the future, by checking out what some of the most powerful men in the virtual world, think about the topic,

Twitter is live, live commentary, live conversations, and live connections, whether it’s breaking news, entertainment, sports, or everyday topics, hearing about and watching a live event unfold is the fastest way to understand the power of Twitter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had said earlier.

Similarly, as per Manuel Bronstein, Head of Product for consumers at YouTube,

Live has always been a part of video. And it’s actually always a very exciting part!

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also reported to be obsessed with adding live videos to Facebook.

Well, now Google’s in the game too. Relatively slow growth as compared to Twitter and Facebook, which have started doing well on video terms lately — and are doing even better since launching live videos — may have prompted the sudden enthusiasm to launch a standalone app for live videos. Moreover, with the likes of Snapchat crossing the 8 Billion video views mark — competitors are aplenty and innovation for Youtube, a must.

The company’s new approach has more in common with Twitter than with Facebook. Similar to periscope — and unlike Facebook live — YouTube Connect will be a standalone app closely Integrated with YouTube. The app will also join the ranks of several other standalone apps, including YouTube gaming and YouTube capture.

While there hasn’t been any official Google statement on the topic, we expect the company to launch the service around or before May, which is when it’s highly talked about annual I/O event will take place.

Well, YouTube may be off to a very late start, however, with the reach, audience and infrastructure at its command, other live streamers should better get on their toes if they hope to stay ahead for long.


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