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Google Launches Accessibility Scanner App To Help Developers Better Their Apps Without Much Technical Know-How

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As a developer, you may have made an excellent app in terms of design and usability. But if there are complexities in the design or a cluttered user interface, users may find difficulty in accessing the app and using it as a developer intends. Google’s new Accessibility Scanner App helps the developers in avoiding such situations by allowing them to scan their apps and discover accessibility issues to rectify.

Accessibility Scanner is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills. Designing for accessibility can allow you to reach a larger audience and provide a more inclusive experience,

reads the app description on play store.

Accessibility scanner, available for free in Play Store features a floating circular blue button over the screen. To analyse any app, open that app and press that button. The scanner app will take a screenshot of that page of the app. Similarly, you can have all screenshots of the subsequent pages of your app by Accessibility Scanner.

After collecting all the screenshots, Accessibility Scanner analyses all those screenshots for elements which can negatively affect the accessibility of the app by a colorblind person or person with poor eyesight and similar handicaps.

The scanned elements include the smallest design elements used for navigating through the app such as buttons, size of texts, menus, etc.

The analysis is presented to the developers in the form of a gallery with each picture indicating a different problem as well as a possible solution to it. For instance, if the text of a menu item is too short or too light, the app could recommend increasing the font size or increasing the contrast of that item .

This detailed analysis can be collected as a list as well which can be shared via email with anybody.

And it is not just developers which can use this scanner to improve their apps. According to Google, the Accessibility Scanner can be used by anyone to scan any app on their phone and notify the app developers to improve the accessibility of their apps.

You can download the Accessibility Scanner App from here although currently it is only supported by Android 6.0 devices.

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