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Israel’s ‘Cellebrite’ To Help FBI In Getting Into San Bernardino Shooters iPhone

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So the identity of elusive firm that has perked up FBI’s hopes about getting into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, without having to resort to court proceedings to seek Apples very unwilling help, has been revealed. Enter Cellebrite, Israel.

As per a report in Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, FBI has sought the help of the Israeli firm which specializes in mobile forensic software, to get around the hassles of fighting a drawn out and protracted court battle with Apple.

Both the sides have been slugging it out in the courts, with FBI using terms like national security and justice, while Apple countering with right to privacy and individual security. The case is even more important considering the fact that it will set a precedent where none other exist — at least not with a corporation the size of Apple.

However, FBI seems to be losing the edge, first with a corporate maelstrom coming out in Apples favour, followed by members of a Congressional commitee labelling FBI’s demands as a fools errand.

Hence the shift in tactics. Realizing that the court battle would take too long, FBI has sought out Cellebrite to get past the password protection keeping the San Bernardino shooters iPhone locked.

Cellebrite is a subsidiary of the Japanese Sun Corp. and operates two major businesses, one of which includes a forensics system used by law enforcement, while the other is related with data retrieval for military and intelligence purposes.

Well, let’s see what success Cellebrite has on taking upon Apple’s state of the art, hitherto unbreakable technology. If its successful, it will in all probability, land itself a string of government amnd military contracts — at our last count, there were multiple pending court cases associated with breaking into the iPhones in US alone.

If it fails…….well then it’s back to the courts for the FBI.


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