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Tracxn Unveils The Tracxn Bluebook- A Catalogue Of Information On Markets Across Different Geographies

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Data analytics and startup research company Tracxn has  launched the first edition of The Tracxn BlueBook – a Comprehensive Guide to Private Market. With 108 detailed BlueBoxes (Market Maps), Tracxn BlueBook is a ready reckoner for all the important information, that investors may need to make right investment decisions, of various sectors across different geographies, at just a glance.

The Tracxn BlueBook contains a total of 108 Market Maps also known as Tracxn BlueBoxes. Within each Tracxn BlueBox, is a plethora of information like Business Models, total dollars invested, top funded companies, and funding trends.

These market maps contain essential data on sectors such as Funding Details, Active Investors, Business Model – wise breakup of investments, and important companies. The “Tracxn BlueBook”, also categorizes the list based on geographies, namely: Global, China, and India.

The Tracxn BlueBook contains BlueBoxes for sectors such as AdTech, Consumer, EdTech, Enterprise Apps, Enterprise DevTools, Enterprise Infra, Energy, FinTech, Gaming, Health Consumer, Health Enterprise, Health Life Sciences, Retail, Tech, Logistics, and Mobile.

Besides looking at the global landscape, the “Tracxn BlueBook” also categorizes two of the emerging entrepreneurship and startup markets like India and China separately for its readers.

It presents an exhaustive amount of information on each sector- the total number of companies in a sector, total number of funded companies, total capital invested in the past one year, most active investors, and so on.

It also gives an account of important companies further categorized within a category. For example, Content platforms are further divided into areas such as Simple Aggregator, Summarized, Personalized, Curated, Customizable with total funding in each category specified.

Through this exhaustive compilation of the market maps, Tracxn aims  to help shed light on the dynamics of different industries, and thereby help the investors in their decision-making process.

Within 3 years of its launch, Tracxn has emerged as one of the largest startup data platforms, tracking over 10 million companies globally. It serves as a research partner for various investors, venture Capitalists, and Corporate Development offices.

It has so far raised $13.5 million in four rounds of funding with the latest angel round from Nandan Nilekani, Mohandas Pai, Neeraj Arora and Anand Rajaraman.

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