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Data-Driven Healthcare Startup HealthEnablr Snaps Up $800K In Seed Funding

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Within six months of launch, data-driven healthcare startup HealthEnablr has raised an amount of USD $800000 (about INR 5.5 Crores). The round of investment was raised by a mixed group of professionals, including some very significant names from Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

The company plans on channelling this investment to further develop their patented EMR technology and consolidate sales efforts.

Avishek Mukherjee, CTO and co-founder said,

This funding has timed perfectly with a new release of our patented EMR software, that not only allows doctors to generate online invoices and prescriptions, but also enables them to keep track of their patient vitals, medications, follow up appointments etc.

Launched in September last year, HealthEnablr functions through a patient-centric approach for providing secured communication, appointment, wellness and health management tools to patients, family Members, and caregivers.

It assists patients in connecting with healthcare services and practitioners worldwide through its proprietary web and mobile platform. It also connects doctors and hospitals to these patients by providing practice management, billing, analytics, care management and care coordination capabilities.

At HealthEnablr, our goal is not just to provide doctors with a way to digitalize their practice, but to provide them with the best, most cutting-edge technology, making it easier for them to manage their practice online.

says Mukherjee.

The company also provides a lifetime free application to Doctors which has a robust Practice Management and EMR (standardized clinical record management and exchange) functionality.

Through its structured clinical documentation, it builds clinical analytics and guidelines for doctors along with video-based consultations and remote monitoring services to provide better quality care.

With regards to future investments, HealthEnablr CEO and Co-founder, Bamasish Paul, said,

We will look at raising our next round of funding mid this year, with the aim of expanding the business to over 8 more cities. All our efforts are now concentrated on scaling up and bettering our sales and delivery vertical as well as enhancing the technology behind the product.

At present, HealthEnabler operates in Mumbai and Kolkata. It has plans to expand services to 8 cities, with a network of over 50,000 verified doctors by the end of 2016.

Currently offering products and services through its mobile and web application, HealthEnablr also plans to expand into a healthcare marketplace, enabling patients to choose and buy healthcare package from Healthenablr as well as its growing network of affiliate partners.

Other plans in the pipeline include tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare chains, remote patient management solutions and wearable healthcare and medical device integration.

With the solitary mission of making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and standardized globally, HealthEnablr aims to become the best healthcare services provider across the globe and emerge as a global leader in the mobile-centric healthcare technology space by 2018.

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