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Uber Launches Family Profile Feature To Let You Pay For Uber Rides Taken By Your Loved Ones

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Uber has launched a brand new service that will let members of the same family use a single account to hail, manage and pay for their rides. Called “Family Profiles” the feature can allow up to 10 members of a single family sign into the same account and pay for rides with a single payment method.

To set up a group, simply go to settings and choose the “Add Family Profile” option. From there, its a simple matter of adding people into your up to 10 member strong group. While the service has been named as “Family Profile”, you can just as easily add co-workers and friends into the group to manage shared rides — particularly those that occur on a regular basis.

The service also marks yet another step along Uber’s recent focus upon different profiles for different conditions and situations. The company had previously launched business profile, that allowed you to transfer the cost of rides to your employers.

Speaking on the topic, said Marie Hagman, senior product manager at Uber, said

We have heard from our local teams that there is demand for this type of feature in those cities. In a city like Dallas, for example, there is a high college student population. Both parents and college-age children alike could benefit from an easy way to request rides from their own phone that are then billed to one shared payment account.

The feature promises to be particularly useful for families with kids and teenagers. This way, parents can retain control over the status of their child and yet be unencumbered from having to arrange pickups for their wards. An app on their kids smartphone and a family group is all that’s needed.

What’s more, since the organizer of the group gets the receipts associated with the trips the members are taking, its a easy matter to keep track of the journeys as well.

Although that’s just an example and anyone can use the feature in new and innovative ways to make life easier. It’s also the first foray into something of the kind by a taxi aggregator.

The feature has currently been rolled out to the US cities of
Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix although the company has promised a global roll out soon.

As we roll this feature out more broadly, we believe it can help families help each other and will be a great product to securely share a payment method and retain control.

The feature is available and can be accessed via the updated Uber application.


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