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Smartphone Night Mode Pioneer F.lux Launches Beta Of Its Blue Light Reduction App For Android

In a bid to correct our sleep patterns from damage by the extensive use of devices with screens, F.lux has launched a beta version for Android. The app helps users sleep better by suppressing the blue light, that is known to disrupt normal sleep patterns.

For those who are unaware of the whole blue light thing, most electronic devices with a display, emit blue light, along with other hues and colors. Now what happens is that the blue light messes up with our pineal gland, that is responsible for secreting melatonin — Melatonin being the hormone that tells our body to relax, cut down on all that activity and fall asleep.

Now, asking people to stop using their mobiles a couple of hours before going to sleep would probably be unacceptable to the vast majority, who would likely prefer to lose sleep than not use their smartphones and laptops. Hence the idea of F.lux and similar apps, which suppress the blue color of the display and allow you to use your device without messing up your sleeping patterns.

F.lux was initially launched in 2009 and currently works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and jailbroken iOS devices. However, despite being one of the best app of its kind out there, F.lux is having a hard time in coming to mobile.

While the app worked briefly on iOS devices without the need to jailbreak, Apple removed it from the store soon after and indeed, the use of private APIs by F.lux meant that it wasn’t allowed back, even after Apple introduced its own night mode with the iOS 9.

The app is likely to have somewhat similar issues with Android. While it works far more thoroughly than most other blue light apps and tackles the issue by lowering the system temperature as well as the display hues, doing son requires administrative permissions — meaning that your Android device should be rooted — which makes the vast majority of users, ineligible to download and install this app.

What’s more, the app comes at a time when most major platform makers are building native night time modes into their own operating systems. You have iOS’s “Night Shift,” Amazon Fire tablets’ “Blue Shade”and even Android N‘s “Night Mode.” So the idea of people rooting their devices in order to install a third-party app which does something that’s already being done, is pushing the boundaries of optimistic.

However, F.lux has two things going for it. One, its nigh time mode is arguably better than anything competition has to offer and works at a deeper level. Secondly, the company may bring out a non-rooted version of the app, considering that the app that has been currently
aunched for Android, is simply a beta preview.


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