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Ad Blocker Failing To Block Ads On Youtube, Pops Up An Error Message Instead

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Are you an avid YouTuber? More importantly, do you use ad-blocker plus to get a clean, unadulterated streaming experience? If yes, then you may be one of those getting a less than perfect experience on the website from the past few days.

Apparently, users deploying the Ad-blockers plus have been receiving the following message instead of ads: “An error occurred. Please try again later.” The message persists for the length of the video ads — which kind of  kills the point of using the Ad-blocker, although you dont have to watch the ads.

The problem seems to be affecting different users differently. While some are experiencing it only on a particular browser, many users find YouTube papered with ads regardless of their choice of browser, and despite having Ad-blocker plus installed.

Meanwhile, you could try switching the account you are logged in with, which, as per claims from several users, fixed the problem for them. If that doesn’t work, you can try unchecking everything in your Google Ads setting and installing theIBA Opt-Out extension. The solution was discovered by users at the Adblock Plus forums and Reddit, and seems able to fix the problem — at least temporarily.

Meanwhile, folks over at the Ad-blocker plus, who have managed to block ads successfully — and consequently, deny YouTube some of its revenue — for years, appear to be momentarily stumped.

Speaking to Venturebeat, Adblock Plus head of operations Ben Williams said,

We’re looking into what the problem might be, but at the moment it would appear to be an issue on YouTube’s side. Let’s hope for a speedy solution.

So far, most guesses point towards something being implemented by YouTube itself, to block the Ad-blockers. Being Implemented, because it doesn’t seem like the website has effected a mass roll out as of now and instead, is experimenting with sections of users, with varying degree of success.

We will keep you updated on the topic. Stay tuned!

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