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Yahoo To Remove Email ID Compulsion From Its Services

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Yahoo Inc. has of late, been shaking things around and making all sorts of changes, in a bid to restore the company. Along the path of simplifying and thus increasing the use of its services, the company has announced a brand new update that will let people make new Yahoo accounts and also use the existing amenities, with any email account.

Apart from Yahoo mail, which is the company’s main offering, the decimated internet giant also offers a whole plethora of other services — such as News, Fantasy Sports, Answers…the list is quite long. However,  you required a Yahoo ID to access all the features, something which often kept users from bothering in the first place.

(Finally!) Realizing that the approach was doing it more harm than good, Yahoo has decided to let go of what has often been criticized as a part of its “Old Fashioned” attributes, that really required adjustment.

So, what’s new? Well, Yahoo seems to have emulated Google in this, and rather like Google+ was removed as a requirement for YouTube. Similarly, Yahoo has initiated the process of disentangling its not so popular — in strictly relative terms — mailbox from its other services.

Speaking on the topic, Yahoo Product Manager, Assaf Kramer says,

Meet Jack. Jack wants to play Yahoo Fantasy Sports so he can have some Tourney Pick’em fun. Like most people, Jack already has an email address. It isn’t a Yahoo email address, though. Yesterday, Jack would have had to create a new Yahoo email address just to sign up for Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em. That’s not fair to Jack and just doesn’t make sense.

Although what actually doesn’t make sense is why Yahoo realized that it wasn’t making sense, so late in the day.

So basically, you can sign up and enjoy all of the company’s features, without having to create a brand new Yahoo email ID to do so. Your old other-than-yahoo-provided one is quite good enough.

Well better late than never. With Gmail continuously bringing in a slew of updates — including one that allows you to use Yahoo mail inside Gmail — and its 1 billion and growing user base, other email providers including Yahoo, would do better to get on their toes.

Meanwhile, the feature is expected to roll out to other Yahoo assets, soon as well.


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