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Electric GT World Series To Feature Tesla Model S Cars in Electric Car Racing

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Electric cars may be the future mode of transport but they are yet to gain popularity among masses, as they are –obviously — expensive. But then, what could be more appealing than an all-electric car racing series to capture the imagination of people !

There is a new Electric GT World Series being planned which will feature commercial electric cars competing against each other.

At present, there is only one such car in production and that is Tesla Model S. In first such series scheduled to be in 2017, we will see 10 teams with 2 persons on each team driving 10 Tesla cars.

The series is being organised by EGT’s co-founder Agustin Payá who is a professional racing driver himself, in partnership with Scottish software engineer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Mark Gemmell, who is the co-founder and CEO of Electric GT Holdings.

While we already have an ongoing Formula E series in its second season featuring single seat electric cars but many people term it as far less exciting than Formula 1 racing due to the shorter tracks and race time and lesser speeds of cars.

What the world needs is an old-fashioned race series based around high-power, long-range electric race cars,

many critics say.

Tesla SP85+ features an 85 kWh battery pack which is significantly larger than the 28 kWh one in a Formula E car. This will allow a Model S-based race car to stay on the track much longer than the 20-to-25 minutes one gets in Formula E.

Moreover, it produces enough power for a racing car in the form of  310 kilowatts of power and 443 pound-feet of torque.

We chose the Tesla Model S simply because it is one of the best cars ever made, and certainly one of the best 100% electric cars. We are convinced that sharing its impressive circuit racing potential will help to inspire many people about sustainable transport,

said Agustin Payá.

He also said that they would be making a few changes to the Tesla cars such as reduction in weight, improved braking and aerodynamics to increase high-speed grip and strengthening of suspension, braking cooling and steering.

The series has already received support from Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation and the Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) who organize the Formula 1 Grand Prix series. However, it’s not an official FIA series at present.

The inaugural season of  Electric GT World Series may be organized in 2017. Although the first season will only see Tesla S model cars competing with each other, the subsequent seasons are expected to feature electric cars from other commercial makers as well.

These may include future electric car models from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others. Ultimately, the idea is to make the Electric GT World Series  a celebration of all the high-powered electric supercars on sale around the world.

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