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Facebook Now Has 142 Million Indian Users, 133 Million Use It On Mobile

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Facebook users continue to grow in India and explosion of smartphones and the expansion of the internet has played a crucial role in it. The Facebook user base in India has now crossed 142 million users out of which 133 million access the network through their mobile phones.

The social networking giant also said that about 69 million people in India use Facebook on a daily basis out of which 64 million use it on their mobile phones. A lot of this increase is also attributed  to the phenomenal growth of the Facebook Lite app which recently crossed the 100 million active  users within 9 months of launch.

This is because the lighter version of this app has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the users from developing countries where high-speed internet is still a rarity. The app,currently available in 150 countries, was launched in India July last year and offers basic Facebook features coming in the size of just 1 Mb.

Last month, Facebook had announced reaching 1.59 billion Monthly Active Users on its network.

A more significant achievement was its performance in the developing regions (where many tech companies usually struggle for revenues despite the user base) where its earnings grew four times from $0.32 per user in Q1 2012 to $1.22 in Q4 2015.

India is the second largest market of Facebook after the US and despite the controversy surrounding Free Basics and its subsequent shutdown, it is unlikely that its user base on the social network would be affected in future as well.

Recently, keeping in mind the e-commerce growth in the country, Facebook also partnered with the payment gateway provider Citrus Pay to enable businesses to use its platform for transactions on Facebook business Pages transforming them into small e-commerce business within its network itself.  Citrus Pay already powers the payment process for Games on Facebook.

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