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Amazon To Restore The Discreetly Removed Full-Disk Encryption To Fire Devices

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The Apple vs. FBI case is causing ripples in every corner. Amazon, which removed the encryption system from its devices in a discreet manner, has now decided to restore it, after being the target of criticism from customers.

On device encryption actually scrambles all the data on your device so that accessing it requires a password. Amazon had removed the feature in devices that were shipped in the fall, citing the fact that hardly anyone used it,  as the main reason.

The fact came to light only last week, and with tension already high thanks to the Apple vs. FBI controversy, the company faced pretty barbed criticism from all quarters.

Meanwhile, the company has decided to restore the feature soon.

We will return the option for full-disk encryption with a Fire OS update coming this spring.

said a company spokeswoman, while in conversation with the Reuters.

Amazon’s stand on the privacy issue has been pretty transparent and the company was among those, who recently filed an amicus brief in Apple’s favor.

However, the decision to remove encryption didn’t really win it many fans. The company can perhaps, say that the decision was taken before San Bernardino, however, the fact that it waited until it was criticized publicly, to restore the feature raises serious doubts about corporate intentions.


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