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Vidooly’s VidLog Is A Useful Free Chrome Extension For Youtube Publishers For Analyzing Videos And Channels

Video blogging — quite clearly is — the next phase in content creation. No doubt a best vlogging camera can shoot high-quality videos which are great to attract the viewers, but along with this you also need some insights to make your channel popular and get alerted about the trends. And to find out the effect of your video content using data, video analytics startups Vidooly has launched a free Chrome extension called VidLog.

Speaking about VidLog, Subrat Kar, Co-founder of Vidooly said,

With this tool we aim to democratize digital marketing for anyone. Online video is very crucial to any brand’s marketing strategy these days hence we hope any brand, agency, YouTuber etc will embrace the tool and use it to get intelligent data on their videos which in turn will enable them to make more revenue online.

The tool aims to help video creators, media houses, startups, brands or anyone by providing performance analysis on Youtube videos; enable social listening to know what people are talking about your video, and help in SEO Optimization to get your video discovered and seen by more people.

VidLog is useful for Content Creators, Video Marketers, Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), Brands, startups, agencies or anyone who uses Youtube to upload videos or just to watch them.

The tool analyzes a YouTube video and provides a range of data helpful to measure the effectiveness of the video, right next to them. Some of the points on which VidLog is able to show relevant data are:

  • Estimated Earning: An estimate of how much the video has earned from the YouTube Partner Program.
  • YouTube Engagement Rate: This is calculated based on the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments and shares that a video has clocked. Suppose a video has a huge number of views but doesn’t have a lot of shares/comments/likes/dislikes, the engagement rate will be low.
  • Effect on Subscription: This tells you how many viewers subscribed to the channel after watching a particular video. This can be a great resource to easily find out which videos worked the best for the channel.
  • Tags: Shows the tags used by the video. You can also know the position at which the video appears in search results whenever someone uses the tag as a search term.
  • Channel stats: Helps you find out how your competitor channel is performing online.
  • Social Media stats: You get a list of the tweets and posts about the video on other Social Media channels. This can be a great way to reach out to your audience on other platforms, to increase engagement.
  • Trending: Is your video trending? No? Then find out what’s trending. Not only this, you can find out the Trending videos from any country and category combination! So, if you want to search for Trending sports videos from Australia or trending vlogging videos from the US; you can do that with absolute ease.
  • Embedding options: Vidlog lets you to easily embed your video on your blog or website. The embedding is highly customizable. Suppose you want the video to start at a particular time duration in the video when you embed it in a blog, you can do that.

Vidooly is an online video intelligent marketing and analytics suite which was launched in 2014. It helps content creators, brands and multi-channel networks (MCNs), to maximize their organic views, build an audience base and earn more revenues online.

Since its launch Vidooly already witnesses around 120K videos uploaded every month through it’s network and an additional 500 million analyzed every month.

Last year Vidooly raised funding from Bessemer Venture Partners. Recently it also acquired content startup, iCouchApp to strengthen its presence in media streaming over the phone.


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