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Now You Can Share Your Favorite Spotify Tracks From Facebook Messenger

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Want to let your favorite song convey your emotions to your crush over the Messenger? Or just want to share the latest rap with your buddies while chatting? Well with the latest integration of Spotify with the Facebook Messenger app you can share your music with anybody you are chatting on messenger.

We’re making it easy for you to let your friends know what music you are loving at any moment,

announced Facebook.

You can share any song, artist or playlist from Spotify in the message thread of your chat.

To do that, you can find the Spotify option from the More tab which will lead you to the Spotify app from where you can choose the desired option to send it on Messenger.

The recipient can then play the song on the Spotify app on their phones which will be opened after clicking the message on chat.

Spotify already has a sharing option from its app to share any song via email, SMS, Whatsapp or Messenger. But when it came to chatting, the users so far relied on typing or using screenshots to discuss or share a particular music while chatting on Messenger. This option will make such sharing more efficient.

Although it does sound like a pretty intriguing integration, at first, the thing is you cannot play the song or artist from the Messenger app itself, yet. Moreover, the feature is limited to Android or iPhone mobile apps and there is no way to follow through this feature on the desktop.

But we may expect improvements in future as according to Spotify this is just the first iteration of the feature.

Users can expect further enhancements as we continually work to improve the integration and ensure the best user experience possible,

said a spokesperson of Spotify.

This is the first time that Facebook has added a major music service to its Messenger platform.

However, it is not the first time that a third-party service has been added to the platform as Facebook aims to develop Messenger into a hub of various services and features- much on the likes of Chinese platform WeChat.

These services and features include a personal AI based assistant “M”, video calling, money transfer feature, Apple Watch support, Uber support, GIF sharing among many others. Messenger has already crossed the 800 million user mark last month.

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