Singapore based technology company, Lucep which caters to small and medium businesses by helping them connect with their customers more efficiently, has announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that will help these businesses better engage with their visitors online.

The AI engine — which is still in development, has been given a befitting codename, ‘Sales Gorilla’. In this era of online communication, it is becoming imperative to engage with visitors more efficiently online. With the new AI program, Lucep hopes to gather crucial information and learn ways in which visitors can be better engaged online, mainly through a company’s website. The AI program will encourage the visitors to connect with the business by contacting them directly.

The company founded in 2014 by Kaiesh Vohra, who serves as its CEO and Zal Dastur had collaborated with Epson and Lifesize at the Epson Solution and Technology Convention in 2014, to provide local businesses access to technology developed by the three collaborators.

The brain child behind the development of this AI program is none other than its co-founded Kaiesh Vohra, who stated that

The Lucep AI will automatically test visitors across all of our customers’ websites to see what works better to generate leads. The contact widget will automatically adapt to the learnings from all of the websites using our tool. This means that small businesses do not have to worry about making the changes themselves as the system will be working behind the scenes to generate more leads for them.

After close to year and half of its launch in Singapore, Lucep is opening its first office in India in the Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Co-Founder Zal Dastur said that “India is an exciting and dynamic market. We have noticed a large uptake of the Lucep tool from India since we took it to the public only months ago. Bengaluru makes sense for us because of the entrepreneurial spirit that is in the city and high quality of development resources. People here are hungry for online business and that suits our tool perfectly.”

Using Lucep’s technology businesses can integrate the software into their websites. The program on its own encourages visitors to raise enquiries and contact the company directly.

When a visitor raises an enquiry, the software notifies the sales team through Lucep’s mobile app. The shared information is then run through deep analytics to provide data such as the user’s interests, how they arrived at the site, and separates them into various types.

Dastur added that

Most B2B business live and die on their response times to leads from their website. Studies have shown that 30-50% of B2B customers give their business to the first person that responds to them. This drives home the importance of responding quickly to leads for small businesses. 

Within two years of its operation, Lucep has worked with business such as real estate developers, hotels, digital marketing agencies, software testing companies, tax consultants, and business service consultants among others.

Lucep states that its web tool has helped generate profitable revenue for many small and medium business across the globe.


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