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Affordable Cloud Infrastructure Provider Cloudrino Puts Up Two New Nodes For Reduced Latency And Enhanced Performance

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Cloudrino, the affordable cloud infrastructure providing startup — which we featured last month — has significantly enhanced its capabilities by adding 2 more nodes to its network.

The latest addition takes the total number of nodes run by the company, upto 4. After those previously operational US and Australian node, Cloudrino also has its centers in New Delhi and Pune.

The significance of having multiple nodes lies in its direct impact upon the performance of the company’s servers — particularly the latency, which depends upon the  distance. The closer the consumer is to the node servicing him/her, the better will be the speed of response.

Cloudrino seems to be doing well on that account and its Pune data centre responds to requests from Mumbai and Bangalore in a matter of milliseconds. That is probably one of the reasons why it is quickly gaining traction among businesses and is able to hold existing customers while continuing to add new ones.

As per Mohit Madan, CEO, Koonk Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the parent running Cloudrino,

Cloudrino’s benchmarks are 3x the market standards and this is because of the proprietary software that we use apart from the fact that we are adding multiple nodes.

The company backs these tall claims with numbers and Cloudrino is among the top 1% of the fastest growing hosting and cloud companies of the world — not a mean feat, when you stop and look at the speed at which the niche is expanding.

Tarusha Mittal, the COO of the company, puts it down to team effort.

We are a lean team and have a wonderful set of employees and mentors who are helping this adventure grow manifold fold really swiftly.

Well, the company is certainly growing swiftly, and that is something to be glad of.

As per an IDC report, Cloud applications will account for 90% of worldwide mobile data traffic by 2019, as compared to just 81% at the end of last year. That said, an Indian platform that is able to provide state of the art solutions at affordable prices is definitely cause for celebration.

You can know more about Cloudrino, the services they offer and cloud technology in general by reading this article or visiting the company’s official website.

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