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YouTube Launches Custom Blurring Tool To Blur Moving Objects In A Video

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With an aim to provide stronger visual anonymity tools to the video uploaders on its platform, YouTube has launched a Custom Blurring Tool which, according to the company, can “blur literally anything in your video.”
The new tool is an upgrade to the previous blurring feature which only allowed blurring of faces in the video. The tool comes with an inbuilt new motion tracking technology which can blur an object, for example, a license plate on a moving car, as it moves along in the video.

The tool can be accessed by selecting Custom Blurring within the Blurring Effects tab of the Enhancements tool. All one needs to do is to draw a rectangle over the object one needs to blur and the tool will take care of the object throughout the video.

One can move or resize the blur area and also put a start and stop time during which the blurring will take place. If one needs to blur a static object in the video, it can be done by using the Lock option.  After making the required changes, one can either continue with the same video by saving the changes or can save the edited video as a new video.

While the use cases for this tool are vast, we built this feature with visual anonymity in mind. We wanted to give you a simple way to blur things like people, contact information or financial data without having to remove and re-upload your content,

read the announcement blog post by YouTube.

The tool is indeed an incredibly useful tool for the video uploaders who, as YouTube believes, can use it to further experiment with their creativity and expression to tell new stories.


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