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Freshdesk Launches ‘Hotline.IO’ To Help Brands Provide Real Time In-App Customer Support

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Customer support solution provider Freshdesk has announced the launch of a new product called will enable mobile-first businesses to incorporate in-app real-time customer support in their business apps.

It will allow the customers to use text messages to contact customer support within the mobile app only. The company believes that the usual methods of communication for customer support, i.e, email or phone are not ideal for those using apps.

Mobile-first businesses face a unique set of challenges that need specific solutions. Support needs to be in-app, engagement should be real-time, context must be readily available, and the solution has to be massively scalable. We built Hotline with these in mind,

said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshdesk in a statement. basically relies on the popularity of messaging and customer preference for using chat apps. Dilawar Syed, President of FreshDesh elaborated the utility of such service further.

He pointed out towards the Support section of Uber app(powered by Freshdesk’s rival Zendesk) where a customer has to choose from a set of pre-defined topics in static text.

He said that by using, Freshdesk can transform these static texts into synchronous messaging so that a customer can chat just like regular messaging with an agent on any number of issues. is the result of Freshdesk’s acquisition of in-app customer support platform called Konotor in December last year. Konotor allows the businesses to communicate with their customers in real time within the app.

The communication, in addition to the customer support, also included updates about promotions and new announcements- all features have been incorporated in Konotor, before the acquisition, claimed to have worked with over 40 million users through the apps it works.

The various companies which are using Konotor in their respective apps include restaurant discovery platform Zomato, online financial services company, and food-delivery service Faasos Food Services Pvt. Ltd.

Earlier this week, Freshdesk also announced its fourth acquisition in seven months, this time of Framebench Technologies which allows the users to  collaborate upon files in real time.


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