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Uber Launches UberMoto In Thailand, Offers Motorbikes For Jam Packed Roads

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Uber is expanding yet again. However, instead of increasing the geographical area it covers, this time it is playing around with the number of wheels it offers to its customers. The company has launched a brand new motorbike taxi on-demand service in Thailand.

True to tradition, Uber has again drawn a leaf out of the book of local trends. Thailand and particularly Bangkok, already offered Motorbike taxis that let commuters forego comfort, in order to reach their destinations quicker through the traffic. However, Uber is finally bringing aggregation to the field.

Titled UberMoto, the service has been developed for places with extreme levels of traffic congestion in mind, and although it has been launched only in Thailand, the company probably wouldn’t be averse to a global launch — depending upon the kind of welcome it gets.

The company won’t have much issues with establishing the infrastructure. Uber already offers a service called UberRush that allows people to get their stuff delivered from point A to B. Carting people around shouldn’t be too different.

Jokes apart though, the company will find a playing field with several already established players. Grab, Uber’s rival in Southeast Asia for one, which offers the GrabBike service in Bangkok, Vietnam and Indonesia. However, the greater experience and resources at Ubers disposal may see it gain an edge over others.

The company will be giving particular focus upon the safety of its passengers and it’s drivers will carry a spare helmet at all times and we can expect them to be chosen after Ubers thorough and stringent checks.

Meanwhile, the move is yet another evidence of Ubers increasing focus upon the Southeast Asian region. UberMoto would certainly be welcomed with open arms in India, which has some of the most congested roads in the world. However, whether or not Uber decides to bring it to India and other countries, will depend upon the kind of of reception it gets in Thailand.

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