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TechHub And Google Announce Global Partnership And Expand Collaboration To India

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TechHub, the global community for tech entrepreneurs, has announced a global partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs to bring more opportunities to TechHub’s 700+ tech startups around the world. This will also benefit its startups from India for the first time.

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub’s global Co-founder and CEO said,

We are excited to bring this partnership to India to increase TechHub’s support to Indian startups. In Bangalore, we see a huge variety of startups creating innovative products, and we want to help them succeed both in India and all around the world.

Google supports TechHub’s work to help hundreds of tech companies scale up their businesses. Now TechHub members in Bangalore in addition to other TechHub locations (Riga and Bucharest, Madrid, Warsaw, and London) will have access to programmes and assistance from Google.

The assistance includes from the different Google entities and platforms such as Google mentors, the Google for Entrepreneurs international demo days, GFE Exchange and Google Cloud Platform credits for qualifying startups.

David Grunwald, Google for Entrepreneurs’ Head of EMEA Partnerships said

We are excited to expand our work with TechHub beyond Google for Entrepreneurs’ Campus network, where we have collaborated successfully over a number of years.

TechHub is the global community for tech entrepreneurs working with over 700 companies from 60+ countries and every member can access Googlers in six international cities.

The membership gives each entrepreneur access to every TechHub in the world and all the programmes and opportunities available there including flagship events like Startup Funeral, and the monthly TechHubTuesday Demo Night.

Around a third of members’ base their teams full time in one of TechHub’s spaces, with the majority of members accessing the benefits of TechHub through its rich programme designed to help startups face the challenges of building and growing a global tech company.

Our programme helps founders deal with challenges at the different stages of developing their company and product, whether it’s their first time or fifth time starting a company. TechHub and Google for Entrepreneurs have the same approach – using both relationships and data to truly understand startups,

said Elizabeth.

Talking about the TechHub and Google global reach, Madrid member Miguel Elizondo, Co-founder and CEO of Festrip said,

TechHub has provided us with a great, inspiring space full of potential partners and advisors, and have put the know-how of their network to work for us. Thanks to this, we have closed deals in Madrid and London, with more in the coming months.

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