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Imagination Technologies Brings Out A Brand New GPU Family, Cut Costs And Improves Performance

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Imagination technologies has announced a series of brand new GPUs with its eyesights upon cutting costs further for the more affordable genre of electronic devices, including smartphones.

The company has launched a brand new series called the PowerVR Series 8XE that is supposed to come with features that will lead to a reduction in costs while also significantly improving the performance of the device.

The company has already introduced two GPUs from the said series. Called the PowerVR GE8200 and GE8300, the GPUs are supposed to be pretty awesome and are known to offer speeds of two and four pixels per clock, respectively.

The company is pretty happy with its Chips and says that the chips will upgrade the feature set of the mobile SoCs to Open ES 3.2 and Vulkan. Devices rocking the new chips will be able to support the upcoming and future advancements in APIs.

Speaking on the topic, Joe Chen, EVP and co-COO, MediaTek said,

MediaTek is delighted to be working with imagination to bring the benefits of Series8XE GPUs to manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

Imagination tech also threw in a bunch of pretty impressive terms and stats associated with performance. The improvement in filtrate capabilities means that devices will have a 60-100 percent improvement in their capabilities as compared to anything competition can offer.

Between the performance boost and the cost reduction offered, the chips should prove to be pretty alluring to OEMs. However, as an extra bonus — the GPU configurations are also offer a 30 to 40 percent reduction in size as compared to the competing solutions. And the added benefits do not come at the cost of performance — you get the same, or even a tad improved performance.

The move should go a long way in cutting down costs for devices — particularly those at the higher end of the spectrum. That said, with the increasing penetration of 4G devices into developing markets, Imagination Tech should have no dearth of customers.

The new Series8XE GPUs have already been licensed by multiple lead customers for mobile/tablets, 4K TVs, OTT set-top boxes, automotive and wearables. They are now being released for general licensing, enabling an even wider range of companies to leverage PowerVR to gain competitive edge and build enduring success. This builds on the momentum of the XE family where there are licensees across all key market segments, double digit licensee growth and a strong pipeline of opportunities.

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