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Freshdesk Acquires Framebench, Fourth Acquisition In Seven Months

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Continuing with its investment spree, Freshdesk Inc. has acquired Framebench Technologies private limited. The acquisition will help the former, which provides customer support platforms to organizations that require them, improve its own customer support structure.

Framebench, which is basically a platform that lets users collaborate upon files in real time, marks yet another company that has been assimilated by Freshdesk, in a bid to bypass the effort of developing Technologies crucial to its business, on its own.

Some of the companies earlier acquisitions included Konotor, Frilp and — all in a span of well under a year. Interestingly enough, all three applications were related to communication in one form or the other. While Konotor allows businesses to chat with their users while inside other apps, is a video chat platform.

The acquisitions have another role too. Along with strengthening Freshdesk’s structure, they have also significantly expanded the companys product portfolio, allowing it to offer a range of solutions that cover a wider spectrum of scenarios.

Speaking on the move, Rohit Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Framebench, said

Customer engagement is an opportunity which is a superb use case for visual collaboration. Being a heavy touchpoint business, a file viewing and annotation tool like Framebench makes perfect sense for agent-client and also agent-team collaboration. Framebench’s capabilities will be merged inside Freshdesk’s products,

Freshdesk has no dearth of cash either. It has managed to land almost $95 million in its kitty, courtesy Accel Partners, Google Capital and Tiger Global Management LLC. Hence the use of acquisitions to increase the products on offer as opposed to actually developing them kind of makes sense.

The Framebench deal meanwhile, will ease the process of support for the executives working with Freshdesk. Instead of spending hours trying to understand the issues, support personnel will be able to work directly and in collaboration with the customers, upon files and products.

Speaking on the topic, Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO, Freshdesk, said

The acquisition of Framebench presents an opportunity to integrate collaborative capabilities not only into Freshdesk, but also other products like Freshservice.

Freshdesk has certainly come a long way from its startup days. The company now handles huge volumes and has a staggering 50,000 customer base in the world with offices in San Bruno,  London, Sydney, and Chennai.

These numbers are only expected to go further up. Customer service after all, is a sector that is going to keep on expanding with the increase in products and services, and Freshdesk, is deploying it’s significant bank balance to bulk up.

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