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Cloud Company DigitalOcean To Invest $5 Million For Its First Data Centre In India

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New York-based cloud computing firm DigitalOcean, is planning to open its first data centre in India. The data centre will be opened in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru in the second quarter of this year for which the company has set aside $5 million.

We’re here to help the booming economy in India continue to grow and succeed,

said Ben Uretsky, CEO and Co-Founder of DigitalOcean.

He further added that they were actively working on robust storage and a monitoring solution in addition to its core product offering and that the developers in India will be the first ones to get an access to these cutting-edge technologies in the new data centre in Bengaluru.

The company already has 11 data centres around the world and Bengaluru will host its 12th centre.

We will build a base capacity of 250,000 gigabytes of memory to support a couple of hundred thousand users to begin with, and then scale up as demand increases,

said Mitch Wainer, co-founder of DigitalOcean.

The core product of DigitalOcean, known as Droplet, is a powerful cloud server resource which offers a strong combination of memory, storage, and bandwidth to the users.

The pricing of its plans in India will be same as other parts of the world, starting from $5  per month for an individual virtual server at the entry level and going up to $64o for more powerful systems. The users are charged on an hourly basis so that they are charged for the services only when they are using them,

DigitalOcean, according to cloud infrastructure research firm Netcraft, has recently emerged as the second largest hosting company in the world in 2015. Like many other companies, they only offer cloud storage solutions and doesn’t serve as a domain name registrar company.

India happens to be one of the top 5 markets of the company after the US, the UK, Canada, and Brazil.

Moreover, since DigitalOcean’s cloud computing platform is targeted towards developers and startup community, India naturally seems to be an obvious choice for setting up a data centre to cater to the growing demands of Indian startup ecosystem.

India is home to the fastest growing ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs, with approximately 4,000 start- ups launching this past year alone,

noted Wainer adding that the number of software developers in India is also expected to reach over 5 million by 2018, surpassing the number of developers in the US, which makes the country one of the most important technology markets in the world.

The company claims to have 58,000 registered users in India as of December 2015, while adding 2500 users every month. This number is expected to reach 10000 when the data centre in Bengaluru gets operational.



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