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Google Working Upon Article Recommendations For Its Chrome Browser

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Google appears to be thinking about taking a leaf out of the book of social networking sites. The company is supposedly working on a feature that would recommend articles to users, on the new tab page in Chrome .

The feature would work regardless of whether you are logged in into chrome or not, however, logging in will get you results, more tailored to your tastes. The recommendations would at first, arrive based upon the websites you visit. Later, they would be more personalized.

Similar to news recommendation on Google Now, the page would display short snippets of the news articles with the option of expanding it at your leisure.

The feature may also work in tandem with Google AMP, where Google diverts mobile traffic from Google search to new fast-loading versions of news articles made with its Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) project.

For articles with an AMP version, we would need to prefetch that version and store it. We also need to indicate to the UI that it’san AMP version so a different version of the preview can be shown.

The feature may be christened Chrome Reader or Morning Reads, although nothing is certain at this point.

ChromeReader is currently queried using a hardcoded set ofparameters that will return unpersonalized results. This needs to be updated to produce personalized results. We also need to check advanced options parameters we can tweak on ChromeReader to get even better results from the service.

At least for the MVP, we’ll provide the list of MostLikely/MostVisited URLs to ChromeReader. I don’t think there’s really room for any personalization on top of that

As for the frequency of news updates, Google is still working on that. Similar to how cards on Google Now work, the article recommendations could be updated when the device is plugged in into charging, is connected to the Wi-Fi, at fixed intervals of time and so on.

Well, the feature could certainly prove useful. However, considering that its nor available  anywhere at present and is still being fabricated, there is still some time before ,and if, this project sees the daylights.

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