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Microsoft Is Running A Pilot To Integrate Skype With Aadhar Database

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Global software giant Microsoft recently revealed that it has been working with the Indian government to run a pilot project for integrating its video calling service Skype with the national ID database Aadhar. The initiative, according to the company, would help in the easy authentication of many government services (via ET).

We see Skype evolving in a way that will enable someone at home to authenticate themselves by using that ID system with a fingerprint or iris scan and then communicate with someone on the other end, maybe even a government agency, which will know that person is the same as he or she is claiming to be.

said Microsoft President Brad Smith while speaking to reporters in New Delhi.

However, there were no specific details revealed about the project. Smith said that this could, for example, enable people to testify in court proceedings or get a licence they need.

The kind of convenience this can bring to people’s lives will be significant. They will not need to travel long distances for many requirements,

he added.

On the question of government’s decision of setting up its own local data centres and cloud services, Microsoft president reiterated its company stand on the issue saying that the decision was a “mistake”.

If every country said that all the data in the country needed to stay in the country, we would quickly see a spiralling cost to cloud computing,

he said.

Addressing the security concerns of the government in outsourcing the data centres and cloud services to an external corporation, Smith suggested the government to advance the digital transformation and security by developing a classification scheme that guides the different agencies.

This would protect the most sensitive data and ensure that the other data is moved to the cloud in a way that makes it accessible to the public at large.

Brad also said that Microsoft was working with the Indian Government on the cyber security front also and has set up  the Cyber Security Engagement Centre (CSEC) under the digital crimes unit of the company. This centre would work with the law enforcement agencies and customers to help in fighting cyber crimes.

Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik was also present at the conference and said that their company was also offering security consulting to organisations with critical infrastructure, like power plants and defence.

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