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Twitter Fixes A Bug In Its Password Recovery System Which Threatened To Expose User Contact Details

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In addition to its efforts for preventing further fall in user numbers, handling employee exits, introducing new changes, Twitter, also has to deal with technical bugs here and there. It, after all, remains a tech company at the core and no major tech company can claim to never have been plagued by bugs.

Twitter recently revealed about discovering and “immediately” fixing a potentially serious bug, which thankfully was on a small scale, in it password recovery system.

The bug had affected the system for about 24 hours last week affecting less than 10000 accounts. It had the potential to expose phone numbers and email address associated with the accounts. However, this time, it did not expose passwords or information that could be used directly to access an account.

We take these incidents very seriously, and we’re sorry this occurred. Any user that we find to have exploited the bug to access another account’s information will be permanently suspended, and we will also be engaging law enforcement as appropriate so they may conduct a thorough investigation and bring charges as warranted,

wrote Michael Coates, Trust & Info Security Officer at Twitter.

If your Twitter accounts are one of those affected accounts, you may have received a notification from the company today.

And if you have received no such notifications, then consider yourself lucky, but nevertheless keep reading to know more about the suggestions by Twitter to prevent such incidents in future and maintain a good account security hygiene.

Twitter has urged its users to follow certain basic security guidelines such as:

  • adding additional information like email id or mobile number to initiate a password reset;
  • using a strong password with 10 or more characters which are a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols;
  • using two-step login verification;
  • revoke the access privileges of any unrecognizable third party applications; and
  • periodically reviewing the logins for your account from the Twitter data dashboard under the settings menu.


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