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TrueCaller’s TrueSDKTo Allow Third Party Apps To Use It For Identification Purposes, Launches First In India

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In a bid to encourage cross app interaction and increase the usefulness of its platform, Truecaller has launched a brand new SDK that will let third-party apps register new users with their existing Truecaller profile and associated phone number.

The SDK, which is quite aptly named TrueSDK, is open to registered users and 12 of Truecaller’s partner apps have already begun attempts towards using this database. Some of the more prominent partners from the Indian subcontinent include classifieds company Quickr, bus-booking app Redbus, and mobile-payments wallet MobiKwik.

The SDK will grant third party applications access to a virtual mine of verified phone numbers. While the uses of such a partnership are many and varied, one of the chief implementations could include quick identity verification — somewhat similar to how many apps allow you to login using your Google+ or Facebook profile.

So basically, a new user visiting an app integrated with the TrueSDK could register there with his TrueCaller details, in a matter of seconds.

Speaking on the topic, Nami Zarringhalam, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Truecaller said,

Our mission has always been to provide as much information as possible to users about their calls and use that information in meaningful ways. In this process, we realized the power and importance of a mobile number, especially when it comes to personal identification. Our aim is to empower third-party apps with a credible verification option and enable users to use the app of their choice by making their phone numbers their identity.

The Sweden based company seemed to had India within its sights while launching the SDK — and why shouldn’t it. Considering that the country has one of the largest populations using unique mobile numbers, a large number of whom are still in the process of discovering android and many popular applications, India really is the perfect place for the TrueSDK to kick off.

What’s more, TrueCaller is not planning to charge a cent for the services stemming from the TrueSDK. So theoretically, third-party applications could use the phone number based authentication system for free and save themselves from the hassles associated with creating a registration process.

Our focus is on taking this service to as many app developers as possible and help them solve one of their key pain points around user onboarding,

What TrueCaller does not deem worthy of a mention however, is the fact that adoption of the SDK by third party apps will not only increase its own importance, but may also lead to an increase in it’s popularity.

With over 200 million downloads under its belt, the company is certainly in a good position to offer the service. The move will also give it another area to expand into after successfully creating a community built telephone directory that allows its users to identify, flag and even block random callers.


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