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Microsoft Releases Firmware And Driver Update For Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book

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Surface line of products by Microsoft have undoubtedly set a new standard for PCs with the kind of response they have received from the users. However, these devices have also suffered from their share of problems, particularly around power management, inviting many complaints and critical feedbacks from the users all over the forums and social media.

And Microsoft has finally responded to the feedback and recently released a crucial set of Microsoft and Intel driver and firmware updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

In a blog post, Corporate Vice President and head of Microsoft’s Surface business, Panos Panay announced the update which would help the users to get the most of the power management options that Surface is designed to offer and continue to make Surface more productive.

The major problem which many users have been facing were related to the excessive battery draining and heating up of their device while at sleep mode. In addition to it, some users have also complained of the crashing of Intel display drivers, random blue screens, and restarting issues.

How many of these issues would ultimately be solved by the said update is not clear till now. However, Panay wrote that about Microsoft’s commitment to continue to improve Surface and keep pushing out updates to make the device more awesome. So we may see more such updates in future, which have been rare so far.

Panay, however, assured that he along with the Surface team have been keeping an eye on all the comments and feedbacks posted by the users on social media.

We love the energy. We’re listening and channeling that feedback directly into our products. Today we’re releasing an update to continue to address that feedback,

wrote Panay.

According to sources, the power management problems have arisen out of the new Intel Skylake chipsets which are being used in new devices.

If this is true, then Microsoft is not the only manufacturer which is struggling with the transition. Dell also reportedly suffered similar problems with Intel’s Skylake chips and has issued a number of BIOS updates to deal with the power management issues.

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