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Microsoft Now Offers Red Hat Enterprise Linux Through Its Azure Platform

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In a significant partnership, Microsoft has linked arms with  Red Hat to start selling the Red Hat Enterprise License. The decision follows an announcement made last year, that talked about the companies joining hands to “address common enterprise” for consumers, among other things.

Not only does the partnership mean that you will now be able to get the Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHLE) from the Azure Marketplace — meaning that RHEL virtual machines are now available on Azure — but also that support for the deployment of the same will be available from both Microsoft and Red Hat.

Microsoft also said that it had started offering Bitnami images in the Azure Marketplace and that it also supports Walmart‘s open source OneOps application lifecycle management platform. The announcement comes after Microsoft said that more than 60 percent of images in the Azure Marketplace were now based upon Linux.

The new conditions are certainly an improvement over the pre-existing ones. At present, a RHEL virtual machine could be obtained on Azure, only by going to the trouble of porting the licenses of an existing machine over to Azure. Now though, getting a RHEL virtual machine is as simple as paying some extra bucks on Azure.

Apart from a host of other benefits, a RHEL machine over Azure ensures that the users will now have support from both Microsoft and Red Hat.

Speaking on the topic, Corey Sanders, Director of program management at Azure, said

Since we announced our partnership in November, we’ve seen strong interest and momentum from our customers looking to bring their Red Hat investments to Azure. Azure provides the best Enterprise-grade support of the public cloud, by offering a fully integrated support experience with co-located Red Hat and Microsoft support engineers sitting side-by-side to help you when you need it!

The RHEL 6.7 and 7.2 images are now available globally except for China and the US Government’s Azure Platform. Microsoft has also promised to add more Bitnami images to the Azure marketplace, soon.

Well, Microsoft’s association with one of the worlds largest sources of free and open source software is certainly big news. Let’s see if after RHEL, more of Red Hat’s open source technology — including middleware, applications, and management solutions — make their way to Azure.


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